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Loyalty Programs

Van Bavel helps you set up a program that rewards your loyal customers. This is an easy way to show that you are ready to go the extra mile for them. There is no better way to express your gratitude!

The perfect tool to express your gratitude!

Do you want to show your gratitude to your customers or employees by offering the right gift? Our loyalty program is designed to find that perfect gift.

What we offer:

  • An easy way of offering Gratitude Vouchers.
  • A user-friendly online catalogue with your company’s ‘look and feel’.
  • A trendy product range to choose from.

What you win:

  • Time. We take care of the right gift, logistics and stock management.
  • The right gift mirroring your brand and corporate identity.
  • A Van Bavel account manager taking care of the full process.
  • A grateful, loyal customer or employee.

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