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Corporate social responsibility is a state of mind. Van Bavel is aware that more and more of our customers want goods that are produced without asking too much of man nor planet.

CSR is a state of mind!

Van Bavel received the EPPA CSR Gold Certificate. This means we meet the requirements of the EPPA code of conduct (based on the UN code), the core values of sustainable business.

What we offer:

  • All promotional items we design and deliver are made according to high CSR standards.
  • Van Bavel and our own sourcing office in China, strive to deliver the best product quality and safety, meeting European Legal standards.
  • Our sourcing team in Ningbo, with Belgian management, is in direct contact with our suppliers, guaranteeing the required standards.

What you win:

  • Comfort. We make sure your products are conform to European Legal requirements/ regulations.
  • We guide our suppliers through the CSR audit process executed by Intertek, Asia Inspection, Bureau Veritas or others.

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