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Three generations of 'Giving'!


For three generations, Van Bavel has been guiding its customers towards the ideal promotional product media mix. Keeping promises and being original have always been essential to their business. This helped them to become a stable, mid-sized company and one of the industry leaders in promotional items.

Since 1995, Van Bavel has been importing business gifts, giveaways, premiums, POS-material and much more from China. That way Van Bavel built a vast and reliable network in Asia, a perfect way to ensure customers the best prices and delivery times.

“3 generations of born entrepreneurs and social, good-natured people loving the 'Good' life. They Enjoy Giving so much, they made a profession out of it!”


Van Bavel is not just an import or trading company. It creates full promotional concepts. Thanks to structured brainstorms that involve everybody from the company, Van Bavel creates promotional concepts that hit the target! Thanks to their innovative approach, they managed to win some nice industry awards.

To Van Bavel, Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not just a page on the website or a certificate on the wall. It has always been at the center of the company. Thanks to the reliable and carefully built Asian network Van Bavel inspects and controls the companies itself. Whenever a customer requires it, we can provide the required certificates or factory reports.

Discover our products here and … enjoy giving!


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