Chiquita – The Breakfast

  • Our challenge: Increase the banana consumption
  • Challenge accepted: Van Bavel wanted to make sure bananas became part of a healthy eating routine.

Where did we start?

We organised a joint brainstorm session to compare various ideas. We started from the idea that bananas are delicious as well as healthy and provide long-term energy. In short: bananas are the ideal way to start the day!

We wanted bananas to become part of a healthy morning routine. And associate bananas with a tasty, convenient and healthy breakfast. To enforce this association, we decided to create some fun banana tableware.

We suggested some products to inspire consumers to eat bananas at breakfast.

  • A mug: great for a smoothie or smoothie bowl
  • A breakfast bowl: perfect for yoghurt with cereal and freshly chopped banana
  • PP placemats: A cheerful way to brighten up the breakfast table and remind consumers about bananas
  • A lunch box: ideal for breakfast on the go

As an extra item, we created a custom-made toaster for Chiquita. When toasting the machine burns the logo into a piece of toast. This toaster is not only an eye-catcher on every countertop, and a branded piece of toast is also an original way to inspire people to reach for a banana. With these promotional products an original, tasty and healthy breakfast is guaranteed.

This campaign became a huge success and increased the sales of bananas. By integrating bananas into the morning breakfast routine, people now automatically consider bananas as a part of a balanced breakfast and not just as a snack.

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