Kom op tegen Kanker

Our challenge: to generate funding for research and activities for children with long-term illnesses.

We wanted to create an original campaign with a positive vibe, rather than sad messaging. Kom op tegen Kanker wanted to create cool headwear for children and adults with an option to explore their own creativity.

Challenge accepted:

We presented several options that celebrated creativity and individuality. We wanted to move away from traditional caps and started with the concept of ‘a blank slate’ that everyone can decorate according to their own style. In the end, we supplied hip, trendy white caps, along with textile pens, sticky labels, foam stickers, etc. for people to decorate them with.

We have been a proud partner for Kom op tegen Kanker for several years now, and every year we offer new ideas according to market trends and youth culture. We always provide a sample for approval so that the customer can make the best choice.

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